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Viator – Viatorian Community – otoño 2015

In the historic St. Viator Church in Chicago, before his Viatorian confreres, family members, parishioners and colleagues from Saint Viator High School, Fr. Daniel Lydon, CSV, received the Sacrament of Holy Orders. Bishop Christopher Glancy, CSV, the Viatorians’ only active bishop, came from Belize … Seguir leyendo

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First Baptism for Viatorian Deacon

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Six months after being ordained a transitional deacon — and two months before becoming a priest — Br. Daniel Lydon, CSV, performed his first baptism. It took place in the historic St. Viator Church in Chicago, where the Viatorians have ministered for … Seguir leyendo

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Celebrating St. Viator’s Feast Day

Happy Feast Day! Celebrations of St. Viator’s feast day took place around the world, as Viatorians and the places where they minister, observed the feast of their patron saint, in many diverse and lively ways. At Saint Viator High School, … Seguir leyendo

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Walking in Solidarity with Others

Good Friday took on new meaning for students at Cristo Rey St. Martin College Prep. The day that Christ suffered and died on the cross served as a springboard for worshippers of all ages to pray and walk in solidarity … Seguir leyendo

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