Celebrating St. Viator’s Feast Day

Happy Feast Day!

St ViatorCelebrations of St. Viator’s feast day took place around the world, as Viatorians and the places where they minister, observed the feast of their patron saint, in many diverse and lively ways.

At Saint Viator High School, students celebrated the feast day at Mass with approximately 15 Viatorian associates, brothers and priests, who reaffirmed their commitment as Viatorians before the school community.

“We celebrate the gift of this Viatorian charism,” said Fr. Corey Brost, CSV, president, “and that ability to change the world for the benefit of those who suffer.”

In Las Vegas, parishioners at St. Viator Parish gathered for their annual Taste of St. Viator, which celebrates the vibrant cultures of its community, while its middle school students observed the feast day during a retreat.

Down in Kankakee, IL, parishioners at St. Patrick’s Church took the occasion of St. Viator’s feast day to pray for vocations, while at the Province Center in Arlington Heights, Viatorian associates, brothers and priests re-committed themselves to the five parts of the Viatorian vision statement.

“As Viatorians, living in a world of cultural diversity,” it reads, “we embrace those who are ‘accounted of little importance’ by some.”

A joint celebration took place in Bogotá, Colombia, where students at Colegio San Viator not only observed the feast day but celebrated the 50th anniversary of the school, which the Viatorians founded in 1963.

Festividad de San Viator

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